This board connects directly to the disk backplane. Each riser supports one PCIe card. Sun XM2 Server Includes: Note – This is a warning indication, not a fatal overtemperature. Up to six 2. Two in front, two in rear, and one internal. Between the power distribution board and the motherboard.

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Sun Microsystems Sun Fire X4170 review

Servicing the Power Distribution Board. There are three risers per system, each attached to the rear of the motherboard. These LEDs are visible from the rear of the sun fire x4170. It has been tested for key functions. Sun Fire X server only: SUN X 2X 2.

All warranties are covered by Greentec Systems. Between the power distribution board and the motherboard.

Sun Fire X4170 Server

Therefore any software, licensing, password x417 compatibility issues are not covered by our DOA warranty. This green LED is located on the motherboard and it lights to inform a service technician that the motherboard sun fire x4170 receiving standby power from at least one of the power supplies.


The power supplies connect directly to the power distribution board. Three riser boards, each having two standard low profile PCIe slots.

Sun Microsystems Sun Fire X review | Alphr

Between the firre distribution board and the motherboard. This indicator lights whenever a fault LED lights for a server replaceable component. It is packaged with the DVD drive sun fire x4170 a single unit.

Each fan module has one bicolored, status LED. There is one passive riser with two x8 sun fire x4170 and two active risers switched PCIeeach with two x8 slots. Three riser boards, each having one standard low-profile PCIe slot.

Sun X4 Server.

It is directly connected to the paddle sun fire x4170, and to the motherboard via a bus bar and ribbon cable. Gigabit-Ethernet Ports 0, 1, 2, 3. Sun Fire Oracle X server 2x 4-core 2. This board carries power to the system fan modules. It is packaged with the DVD drive as a single unit. Sun Oracle Sun fire x4170 server 2x 4-core 2.


Two in front, two in rear, and one internal. The Sun Fire X Server has a twelve-disk backplane. This board distributes main 12V power from the power supplies to the rest of the system.

Sun Fire X Specs – CNET

The storage drive can be removed safely during a hot-plug operation. Skip to main content. Two in front, two in rear, and one internal Sun Fire X server: Servicing the Connector Sun fire x4170 Out Board.

The fan LEDs are visible sun fire x4170 the top cover fan door is open. If other folks c Connector X41700 Out Board. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Sun X Server Includes: